Ultra Precise Medical Silicone Extrusions

• Single and Multi-Lumen Cross Sections

• Short and Long Term Implantable Applications

• Micro Tubing with Inner Diameters as small as 0.003”

• Braid and Coil Reinforced Tubing

• Kink Resistant Tubing

• ShapeShift Technoglogy


SiMEDEx was launched in 2017 to do one thing and to do this exceptionally well. As our name suggests, SiMEDEx focuses exclusively on Silicone, Medical, Extrusion. SiMEDEx’ founders have been awarded 9 US Patents for advancements in silicone extrusion equipment, processes, and raw materials. This expertise has earned us the trust of 50+ customers spanning 8 countries. SiMEDEx’ recent technical achievements include micro-tubing with wall dimensions as thin as 0.002”, various types of reinforced tubes, layered geometries containing antimicrobial additives, and multi-lumen twisted tubes meeting tolerances of less than 0.001”. We operate 3 ISO-13485 certified extrusion lines, each scalable to meet our customers’ requirements.

Providing exceptional customer service is as important as providing the highest quality silicone extrusions. We strive to answer all inquiries within 4 hours, quotes are generally delivered within 24 hours, and many jobs are completed within 10 days.

SiMEDEx, our name is what we do - Silicone, Medical, Extrusion.

The SiMEDEx leadership team was purposely selected to pull together expertise across various disciplines.


President, Paul E. Mazelin  805.610.6444

Paul serves as the President of SiMEDEx. Paul literally grew up in the silicone business. His father was a co-founder of Specialty Silicone Fabricators and Paul was inquisitive about silicone contract manufacturing business from an early age. Prior to launching SiMEDEx, Paul worked for 22 years at SSF where he held various key positions including R&D Manager, Strategic Accounts Manager, and later Global Sales and Marketing Manager. His technical expertise, coupled with his understanding of manufacturing cost-drivers,allows him to collaborate with engineers on initiatives that improve manufacturability, drive down costs, and reduce lead times for both implantable and non-implantable medical device applications.

Engineering, Charles Schryver  V.P. Engineering
Charles’ silicone career has spanned over 34 years.Mr. Schryver served as Specialty Silicone Fabricators’ VP of Engineering and R&D for 23 years. In this role Mr. Schryver developed equipment and processes that resulted in GeoTrans®, a technological breakthrough that allowed tubing geometries to be modified during the extrusion process. Mr. Schryver was awarded 5 US patents for his work related to transitional silicone extrusion equipment and processes. Charles was later recruited by Helix Medical (Freudenberg Medical) where he spent 5 years overseeing their silicone extrusion operation. Charles later launched a very successful consulting enterprise and has traveled widely advising silicone extrusion clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Charles attributes his successful career to his approach to engineering which he describes simply as “hands-on”.

Sales, Mark J. Paulsen  V.P. Sales   805.452.6117

Mark served as NuSil Technology’s Director of Healthcare Materials (1991-2007) where he assisted medical device, pharmaceutical, and contract manufacturing organizations with silicone raw material development and selection. 
Paulsen holds three patents for the development of a novel silicone elastomer used as insulation in cardiac and neurological stimulation devices. During this period he was recognized as one of the Top 100 Notable People in the Medical Device Industry. Mr. Paulsen later joined Specialty Silicone Fabricators as Director of Business Development. In this capacity he promoted and published on various topics including the ultraviolet vulcanization of silicone elastomers as well as the unique advantages of silicone in drug-device combination products.

Tubing dimensions are 0.016” X 0.024”
80+ Years of Medical Silicone Extrusion Experience.


A lot of companies talk about expertise. 
At SiMEDEx you’ll see proof in the patents on the wall
and in the products we produce every day. 


Imagination    Innovation  Expertise

8 U.S. Patents for Silicone Processing, Equipment, and Raw Materials.
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Certifying tolerances of 0.001” or less requires specialized processes and equipment. SiMEDEx relies on Keyence’s Image Dimension Measuring System for both in-process and Final QA dimensional inspections. Automated edge detection provides fast, accurate, and highly precise results and guarantees that SiMEDEx tubing meets our customers’ most demanding requirements.

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SiMEDEx is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company
offering unparalleled quality, reliability
and depth of experience
for your precision silicone tubing needs.


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